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Larval Door (Profound Lore Records 2008)

Listening to Temporary Antenna – the third recording from this one man project of Experimental Black/Doom/ Death Metal made by Andrew Curtis-Brignell whom doing all the musical instruments while his brother Jon Curtis-Brignell did the bass guitar performance on some parts of the track-lists; these Hampshire/Sussex – UK product of distorted rigorous terror sounds basic performance which definitely really could affecting your low-minded consciousness as the artistic artworks and noisy blast of melodic metal-music as non-monotonously did performed lots of angry riffs but also muted smooth acoustic for the balance scale that captured on Caina’s third recording album that artistically proved to be their masterpiece here; you might losing yourself while let this record play on your stereo-system as the songs of sorrow and misery like Willows and Whippoorwills, Petals and Bloodbowls, None Shall Die and Tobacco Beetle as the opener begins the journey with Manuscript found in Unmarked Grave 1919 sounding creepy enough for you. 

Temporary Antenna: