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La Comtesse D’Agoult (Independent 2006)

Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia as part of Germany must be endlessly exported lots of Heavy Metal bands from different genres to the world outside hearing, listen carefully and head-banging their heads following the raw-loudest-magnificent sounds made by them. 
The main subject would be about a Gothic Metal with their thick elements of Black Metal and Symphonic Rock combining carefully artistic by the founder E. Konny and Anagnorisis after the demise of their previous project bands and forming Sariola with other members like Ablaz on bass guitar, Morgan La Fey (keyboards), drummer Sergey “Morbid” Polyanin, Eugene Getman on guitars and twin female vocalists: Silenia Tyrvenis and Loreley von Rhein as the band releasing their debut recording album entitled Sphere of Thousands Sunsets which having the best raw sounds but also already forming the essential melodic magnets of harmony vocals within the growler parts and terrifying double pedals aggressive tempos fast, dark like a hideous killer or blood sucker. 
Twelve tracks are here for your unsafe paths journey as the Heavy Metal Extreme format ruling the band as being influenced by darker lyrics and creepy atmosphere like Goth couple heading onto the mist when October comes down … 

Sphere of Thousands Sunsets: