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La Cantinera (Comfortzone 2012)



   Sounding like you’re listening to a drunk Mexican bebe with her Lolita friends trying to impressed the expatriates tourists not only with their sensual numb dancing but the infamous Latinas hot touches all over  your filthy body because they even would lick you up for an extra cash –screwed yourself for fell into these Tropical Punk-Pop plus traditional Cumbia/World music. Whether you didn’t known the nasty independent female members of the Buenos Aires’ Kumbia Queer like Ines Laurencena, Patricia Pietrafesa or Pilar Arrese; you still would feel that the group’s experimental drunken and noisy Traditional-Pop and Punk Rock blending with (for example) Tequila or other alcohol boozes tightly predictable will not making the female band sounded better.
Pecados Tropicales did sending the clear signs for more stupidity and silliness by the girls already received started when you decided to play Mientes on your stereo, in no particular order – you also bring Gascon, Motochorra, Quizas Manana, Metamorfosis Adolescente to Para De Sufrir and Desaprendiendo or Caballo Vejo particulary not going to give you a great safe party of weither dancing crazy or singing in ass-like quality. 

You are among the Lesbos Latinas right now – yankee ! 

Pecados Tropicales: