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Kronos Repression (Hadra Records 2015)

Entering the gate of the club while the dry-ice fog covering the dance-floor as hundreds of spectators and clubbers dancing like maniacs following the Psy-Trance and Techno music beats that nobody can running away from when inside drinking and as the sensual smells of girls sweats and guy’s body odor with the huge waving noises came from the PA blasting off the freaking Progressive Chill-out and Trance beats played by Itchy and Scratchy from Grenoble through their album of Unsuccessful Escape which firmly dark, rhythmic and blending some hybrid tech-noise sounds covering everyone inside that giant mushroom cave filled with people who already possessed by the sound of Trance Music within the track-listing of either the nine minutes more longer duration through  Bio Process and Ghost Machine as another nine minutes track next onto Vector 15 and much more addiction beats slamming you hard and happy until one of your girl-friends starting to get naked and you sir – being a weird fish on the table dried out.

Unsuccessful Escape: