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King Of Hearts (Chrysalis 1991)

   Born as Christina Southern but adopted her stage name as Chrissy Steele; this Canadian Pop-Rock singer has been active in-between the modern music era from the 80’s to the 90’s in pretty much adorable high-pitched vocals with  solid Hard Rock and Folk to Classical music influences. The well-promising after she’s joining the local band Headpins but  it is the better suitable way came to her fortunate solo career as she ten, released her album entitled Magnet to Steele which not only spawning some hit singles but also later on giving her a Juno Awards for most Promising Female Vocalist in 1992. Magnet to Steele is a great record of Pop-Rock and Hard Rock compromising bucket full of track-list themed of romance and friendships as the musicians involved onto the album such as her friends and others like Joe Wowk (guitars), Tim Webster (keyboards), Tony Vogt (bass) and Rick Fedyk (drums) truly giving them a chance for opening act in Bryan Adam’s tour across Canada. Known before as a biker-chick with songs like Love Don’t Last Forever, Move Over, Armed and Dangerous, Love You Til It Hurts and Cry Myself to Sleep as you rockers might loving her performance inside-out but adopted more introspective and mature attentions as environmentalist in her older age; Chrissy Steele then, ended up working for Greenpeace in Vancouver but surely – her legacy of Rock will still lives on …

Magnet to Steele: