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Killogg Decay (VIPDM Records 2014)

The crazy daughters of sons of bitches typical of Alternative Nu Metal performance bursting the crowds like a devastating controls over the masses to suddenly, head-banging in insanity mode-on like hearing to Korn in a very different level off these Japanese female-led band trying not to sounded similar to Kittie at all but remarkably, can giving an actual presentation for what you can describe as the Hard Metal things to come and Moth In Lilac’s metallic-ensemble is the ultimate answer right to fucking ripped your face off ! 
The best combinations of Hardcore, Metal-Core, Extreme Death Metal and mastery nihilistic ideas like tons blasting straight onto your stereo system once one decided to have and play the band’s debut e.p album self-titled release. The growler vocals to the double-pedals drumming leaving only a few room for J-Rock legacy to emerge on their extreme music; Moth In Lilac that consisting of Lisa 13, NaluchaRos, Haruuna, Ayano or Tobby really pops out like a damn skull-faced women in heavier rock formations; bringing their destruction themed music towards the variable tracks like Hate is All Around, Before-I-Drown, You Never understand as well as Everyone is Going to Die Someday might giving you a perfect wisdom balancing that being perfect is bullshit because you shall wanted more and more and more – you greedy fucks ! 

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