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Karina Just Wanna Have Fun (Bandcamp 2013)

   Waltham, MA Punk Rock Pop band consisting of five young studs with their greasy and black leather jackets kinds of reminding you about the past fashionable intellectual off The Clash but right now comes back with the more melodic Skate-Pop and grid-power that can makes the listeners jumping or moshing-out on the crowds like a splendid maniac going to their first ever Rock concert and surprisingly, having lots of good fucking time together as the band – USA! USA! USA! With Frank, Bang, Pat, Dave and Romeo not go blushing but bashing your ears with their perfect rocking tensions of track-listing via the recording release on What’s Your Name ? as the romance-tinged and awesome trendy lyrics as the group talking about the most precious things in this life for them might be honestly – the girls who comes in many shapes, skin-colors, various boobs from the standard to the enormous ones or might be just being respect towards the most beautiful creations made by the almighty as they’re matched with the black leather jacket’s boys here on the band. Listen to anything you wanted and pick one or two or more than three girl names there like Marissa, Christine or Sarah and maybe one of them used to be yours as then a past memory; you will love to having them on your stereo to entertain you and the rest of your day (with Angelo’s Pizza, Doghouse Coffee or Harley Davidson Sandwich) …