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Just Pretend (Bandcamp 2016)

Most people didn’t know that First To Eleven is the winner of Triple C Awards with the personnel age ranging from 15 to 17 top and as the young age rockers playing their Modern Rock interpretations and after had enough materials to wrote and compose; the five of them all – Audra, Charlie, Chad, Bo and Matthew then decided to put some of their tracks to be recorded and you will be the judge for them whether the group got something to sell or not through the e.p releasing for Out Of Time. 
The performance on six-strings are quite neat and melodious but the main character might be stayed within the lead vocalist girl whom really got something to popularize more and more later on while the times for First To Eleven keeps on moving dynamically. 
People would easily falling for the Pop-Rock and Modern Alternative sounds carried by the amazing lesser-known tracks on Out Of Time like Falling Hard and 6 At Best in standard duration as some will highly interacting as if they’ve knowing the band a little bit well lately because of the good compositions made for at least, some of these materials from the kids of Erie, PA. They should do it again soon !

Out Of Time: