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Johnston Tar Trip (Skin Graft Records 2016)

The combinations of chaotic mid-tempo of Indie Rock, Industrial, Krautrock, Punk Hardcore and guilty parties distortion in high intensity tempos really caught human ears because of the disturbance, the terror and monotonous but also the good slamming beats for head-banging hard within this non-theorist reality subjects covered on the releasing album from Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck and Paul Viera as a quartet of Doomsday Student – where you might easily diving into thus Art-Rock experimental, Math Rock to No Wave buzzing music with crazy vocals and over-ridden heavy riffs in mixing; leave you alone only with A Self-Help Tragedy recording inside the cage. 

Let the force between Avant-Garde Metal and Pluralism stings of fuzzing buzzed and Grungy attitudes reveals yourself for relaxing before decided to jump back into the mosh-pit or crowd surfing on hundred hands from stage following the madness tones like L.S.D Mom, Angry Christmas, Wonderful, Fight and Flight to Yoko Ono’s Nightmare – making The Kids Are Confused approaching the finish line rounded up by million colored faces, watching. 

A Self-Help Tragedy: