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Jeremiad Recherche (Bandcamp 2013)

Brilliant effort releasing and decoded on the recording of Station North which throwing back thus memories about simplicity values flaring colorful and na├»ve within the poetic justice and glam melody self-written lyrics inspires grace upon the raw energy of Baggypantsrich as singer and song-writer performing his idealistic thoughts that essentially, did seeing no races or skin colors but entirely universal and Grunge to Punk-Pop to Indie Rock to Psychedelic Country-Folk bards likely presented by the music of his creations as it will reminding us a bit to the early days of Beck or Mika. Soft, harsh, harmonic or sarcastic as you might name them or censored them; Baggypantsrich shall never care too damn much about your thoughts on him as his to the cruel bullying parts of world inhabitants literary only giving his crazies and popular interests to make some more great music like these tracks: funky-toned Pain, Hey Girl that establishing back the raw-power off The Stooges or The Circle Jerk in Pop sensibility or the Soulful ballad via My Lonely Heart – goes on and on either you’re straightly gay or looking too gay-ish on playing only Alternative Rock Music like Sean McCauley did.

Station North: