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Jah War (Ninja Tune 2008)


   Before Dub-Step becomes the world shocking moment and style that sounded cooler than sex; there’s a story not many people know about how Kevin Martin – the Berlin Industrial and Techno-Rock music producer releasing his own sicker ideas in order to creating another new plan about how to composing more sicker music for sicker people but this time the alliance turning out to be the one solo project created by Mr. Martin as The Bug formatting the sounds on a tight combinations between Bhangra, Latino beats, Drum n’Bass to pointless samples experiments and kaboom – we got one of the releasing suffocated Disco-Electro-Loco in London Zoo.

We shall heard Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Grime Rock to onslaught noises via Murder We, Skeng, Freak Freak and Fuckaz or Poison Dart (original mix); take your turns to drink the shooters and grab a girl or at least, if there’s a fight out there you still can hit someone rather than just hiding or get unconscious or robbed. 

London Zoo teaching you to dance and self-defending activities at the same time but you might not realized it. 

London Zoo: