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Irreverence Bleak (W.T.C Productions 2011)


Melbourne’s lesser-known acts of Black Metal/Death Metal communion used to called Eidolon but re-known now as Order Of Orias which might quite presuming as a cult-iconic troops of a new beliefs based on knowledge, alchemist, opposite faith, rebellions and illumination themed and ideas projecting back onto the world with terrorizing sounds, blasphemous lyrics and total destruction kinds of Extreme Heavy Metal music not on hold but being unleashed to fucking crush the humanity and mankind – cleansing the world.
Taken the wrath of total blackness and raw arts of extremity from the album Inverse; these Victorian blasphemers are definitely not your friends and shall never make friends when all that they would ever care is presenting the chaotic performance, great devastation music and killing people – instantly. 
Listen to the wise messages captured on their lyrics for the tracks of Offering, Concealer, Presence or Void; as the destructions are upon us – don’t pray anymore to falseness but preparing yourself to be transformed into something deadly and beautiful not as humans.