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Incursion Forward March (Final Gate Records 2016)

   Explosive in aggression riff-age of heaviness for being sounded non-conformist as Death Metal or Thrash Metal blending would instantly, kills your parents and neighbors as the youth anger rising in fast rage demanding more space for creating their own freedom globe as this kind of Extreme Music should be a good catastrophic indicator for the nowadays world problems or issues surrounding us with unsafe environments as civilized communities.
This effort blasting album from Biefeld, North-Rhine discussing the growls of how wars already turning from news to primary needs as within the Panzerdoktrin; the group themselves – Scalpture which consisting of five-piece Metal-heads fanatics such as drummer Max Cailloud, double shredders Felix Marbach and Tobias Aselman to lead vocalist Thorsten Pieper not in their good mood as always – bursting the Death Metal music anthems through the selected themes about destruction and painful torturing as waiting for the final explosion of the incoming World War III sooner and blistering the perfect Death N’ Roll magnitude affects within … Panzer Hooray !, Dam Busters, Flattened Horizons (Pounding Howitzers) or No Rest No Sleep No Peace as well as Embrace The Afterglow as the ads for civil wars happening everywhere to thus nuclear programs gone wrong threatening our global lives but nobody seems to care much until it ticks and blow. 

Scalpture releasing this mother of all raging themed Death Metal muzzak as hoping for this world of careless ended up real fast in small particles as you also wished for.