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Incontinetia Buttocks (Independent 2010)

Britsol – UK’s Coprophiliac Scats, Sicker Humor or the explosions of instrumental pranking methods of Death Metal and Grindcore made by the inner-self of this one man’s project naming itself: Bum Sick where feces territorial of consuming as sexiness and solving problems which all depends on those disturbing and deafening underground extreme music from General Ass Piss whose a multi-intrumentalist whom did everything including spontaneously, wrestling the girls through the disgusting shitty-mud as the smells can sometimes making other vomit or having real orgasm without morals here but instinct and through all those farting, attempting for forcing oneself to poop on someone else’s chest or face is never forbidden and the semi-crusty Grindcore sounds would be your ultimate soundtrack celebrating Smelly Noise recording release as reality or animations would entering and blown away in form of shitty explosions within the track-listed disgust musical like on Excrete on The Street, Interpooed, Shock to The Cistern, Runs on The Nuns or Diarrhea Snorting Crack Whore feels like a Battle Shits on The Lax Effect, given our Anal Ventriloquist an amazing acts for Swollen Colon for snacks and letting the girls drowning deeper into the pond of human feces for un-imaginable hours ! 

Smelly Noise: