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Imposter Scythe (Golden Antenna Records 2012)

Easily reminding you – especially, thus whom loving and into Progressive Metal to Doom/Sludge sorrow world of sounds pioneering by thus independent names such as Pelican or Baroness; as these magnificent underground group from Mannheim, Germany named Planks mixing their excellent sounds from the Hardcore/Doom Metal to Black Darker Metal influences as the products come exploding like eruptions as you can hear from them on the release of their third recording – Funeral Mouth. 
The trio of Marcel (bass), Benny (drums) and Ralph (guitar/vocals) truly blasting and quite a bit devastating by their solitude slow-tempo in heavier riffs performance. 
You need to stay away from your stereo or just drown yourself into the selfish melodic visualizing thumper-beats over An Exorcism of Sorts, Agnosia Archetype to Desolate Once … as well as Weak and Shapeless – turning the tide from emptiness to fulfillment in darker place of Doomy realms as your eyes seeing the blurred black figure appearing in front of you carrying mysterious ghastly rage. 

Funeral Mouth: