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Imperial Avenue (Seeing Red Records 2013)

The way that you will having a whole entirely new recording sounds is by mixing thus Heavy Metal melodic records of Iron Maiden with the power-speeding Punk Rock Thrashy from Bad Religion as Eddie the monster now holding the giant anti-cross signs and scream-ager scum troopers ready to kicking the shit out of the masses using their crushing metallic mash-up by five rockers Rob Needham, Jesse Ramsey, Shack Erman, Ben Ihde and Jimmy Gasho and you got it right through this Impeding Doom release by Punching Moses just like the final results of giant wave within infectious heavy weights, infectious riffs, pulsating break of bass-line to the attacking drums heading for destructions of mankind by new god messenger whether he’s fake or not and no one will ever know that answers because it is too fucking late. The Outside, I Hate Those People, Revenge, Corpses You Eat or Creatures of Habit or Michigan Militia might be your reminder for the incoming terrible events in the near future. 

Impending Doom: