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III 11:01 (Profound Lore Records 2008)

This is one of thus one-man studio project recording artist with his extreme genre style of Avant-Garde Terror Doomy Metal with a very dark descent sound effects which never will playing a live show; meet Half Makeshift with the real name figure of Nathan Michael – doing his best in exploring the deepest fear or disgust feelings as the carried blend for Ambient, Drone, Post-Rock and Sludge emerging in slow-motions as the eerie creepy noise samples echoed like an endless swirling path leading you to be lost through nowhere. The record itself entitled Omen and divided into four tracks and one should know that once they’re playing these music – forever you shall be trapped inside its tones of misguidance experimental like Omen I in fifteen minutes duration to the end credit closing of IV in twelve minutes of painful corridors.