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I Am The Hunted (Clay Records 1982)


   From special underground Hardcore ultimate bands of England to one of the most compromising legends for the early Thrash Metal or Speed Rock scenery later on years after the releasing of the group’s third recordings and a peak reality about how Hardcore Punk seeing the changing of worlds and relating the uncommon barriers between the underground music society and the social values bigots with a fist-fighting written lyrics and fast aggressive music beats tougher, meaner or braver no matter what for how long it is going to take for a revolution in a change of season – an equality among men and women not the wealthy and the haves only just like the thematic theorist reality stories via City Baby Attacked by Rats.
Collin Abrahall, Ross Lomas, Scott Preece and Colin Blyth proud as (Charge) GBH sometimes standing for an acronym inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy trial which emerged thus term called Grievous Bodily Harm that refers to G.B.H while others shouted for Great Britain Hardcore. 
From this infamous underground album you shall have a parade of skillful and revolting themed tracks like Heavy Discipline, The Prayer of A Realist, Wardogs, Passanger on The Menu to Bellend Bop. 
When things getting too damn commercial and even your family’s turning their back from your social works efforts – don’t worry cause you still got the fighting songs anthem through this one ! 

City Baby Attacked By Rats: