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Hydrazine Airlock (Sparks & Shadows 2013)

   Backgrounds stories in back to front and reversed plot around the humanity space mission of a joint countries cooperation on a ambitious space journey in exploring the icy moon of Jupiter’s Europa with the band of expert crew cabin picked in a tight selection for the space-mission to be succeeded as the audiences will following the activity on six of them: Andrei Blok, Rosa Dasque, Katya Petrovna, Captain William Wu, James Corrigan and Daniel Luxembourg trying to skeptically and scientifically discovers new evidence based on the NASA/JPL’s data from previous satellites and drones mission on that actual area of the ice-covered moon. Europa Report that directed by Sebastian Cordero and screenplay by Phillip Gelatt shall leaving you harder to breath within the technical problems and the journey which is totally dangerous and the landing site unexplainable activities that haunts as scary as hell – projecting more questionings inside everyone’s head about what’s really happening there as the astronauts crew lost and died one by one in mystery seems to creating more intrigue, horrific or scientific explanatory arguable as the movie itself really interesting to watch to the end. Bear McCreary leading role as the composer of scoring music for this film is also done a great job – working out to composed fourteenth recording tracks for the original motion picture soundtrack which instrumentally can giving us shocking effects of jump-scared, soothing by misery, more unpredictable moments and the glitch on thus indoor camera and the glimpse of blue-luminescence rays somewhere around the sites and under the water gripping the fainted hearts as we wait for the horrible conclusions and bad news from the Jupiter’s moon being once again covered as top-secret and confidential by the government’s security department as co-working with the aero-space and aerodynamics authorities and sealed it for no further investigations as a simple closing case. The View followed by Mausoleum as The Drill starting the intense spotlight and curiosity wit Cosmic Astounding or Under The Water referring to those watery liquid predicted for keeping one-cell microbes or simple living forms as A World Other than Our Own ends the tragic final breath from the female pilot whom encounter the hideous creature from under the coldest water while the last desktop camera goes dark.