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Hurl Owner Boyz (Bandcamp 2016)

Thanks to his friends for showed up and supporting the local weirdness Alt-Rock music scene of San Antonio, Texas over this releasing album W/E from a guy calling himself an artistic person name Junkie. 
Parting ways of whether a Seattle Sound of Jangle-Pop to the spontaneous parts of three chords and beyond utilities of a daily test lyrics that mainly, complaining on how the world and life did to the nerds at first before decided to turning back the hands of fate and make them success for being CEO or something like it story – kinds of… 
Nothing needs to be celebrates but smiling to today before thinking about tomorrow as your simplicity paid well through-out these recording anthem songs such as Always Bummed Always in Love, Bowls or Like The things You Say and Glued Ghouls. 

Meet the indie-Junkie.