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Honey’s Revenge (Buddyhead Records 2015)

   When you mixes Jesus and Mary Chain, Karen O with Medicine or My Bloody Valentine’s buzzing riffs on Smashing Pumpkins’ themed songs then you might having Blood Candy – the Los Angeles Indie-Rock experimental band consisting of more female rockers on it – Tara on vocals/guitar, Nicky on bass guitar with Michael the drummer and Kyle also on guitar whose sounded like the early Velvet Underground meets Brit-Pop playing too much Goth-Rock in misery as being independent means for them that the songs also sounding miserable but good to listen in the dark room but not included the suicide for now. 
Releasing this “Dead Moon” album in pinky cover which cannot covering the sadness that already following the group’s themed songs as being performs here like Feed, Surf Lion, Starcrush or Heart Attack; as you may finding the reasons why some broken-hearts shall never mend but again broken each and every time they’re trying to breath for a new beginning. 

Be very careful not to drop it or broke them cause you might have to pay for that ! 

Dead Moon: