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Hommage A La Wu (Invada Records 2010)

Who said Canberra, Aussie only best known for only kangaroos, eucalyptus forest and burgers cause now you need to erased that cuz there are two awesome Rappers in town – meet Dan Elleson and Langomi-e-Hau-Latukefu joining forces and build the posse point named Koolism as duo performing their elegant works of flowing lyrics and absurd beats possible onto the album release of their Hip-Hop record The Umu which closely sounded like the old school territorial cashed back ka-ching over monetizing lapse on cooler street-dancing beats that equally jazzed experienced through the mixing of Rn'B, Black Music, Dub-Funk and Ragga beats included. 

Let your presto magic-mikey moves coloring the alleyways nearby or go striking the neighboring gang and force them to do the dance dueling under the Rap-fluencing with dirty dammit scratches on the turn-table actions over Have Have Not (feat. Axe Aklins, Jonah Latukefu), Hanz High, Cash Monet, Jam Hot to Movin’ as well as Get Free (featuring Solomon Theta, Uli) because we are one and not Alone !

The Umu: