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Holiday Hotel (Columbia 1972)

The story goes as it begun when a music producer Jim Messina met young song-writer Kenny Loggins somewhere in the 70’s era as then, the co-workings and recording continued between two of them with the resulting of this magnificent Classic Pop-Rock and Country-Folk tinged pleasuring album of them simply, entitled Loggins and Messina that reaching huge success as the record had been release through many countries outside the US area and achieving much great appreciation from the local to the international Music Media – giving them the superstar status in AOR Pop-Rock category since then. 
You can never forgetting the melodious tracks infamously rocking soft the room and the neighborhood through You Mama Don’t Dance, Golden Ribbons, Whiskey and Just Before The News to Long Tail Cat which almost all turning up fabulously Classic and entertaining to listen. Give this as a perfect gift on your girlfriend’s parents anniversary or let it play on stage will shall never sounded wrong.