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Hibernation Deer Head (Profound Lore Records 2013)

Your mysterious two-man project of the combining on Avant-Garde, Folk-Rock, Doom Metal and Progressive Rock with whispering vocals like a grateful format of bad Country-Metal ballads which actually, not trying to mending anything but make their worsen of Dark Folk-Metal music sounds completed by the main offender masters of multi-instrumentalist Erik Wunder and guitarist Clint Kamerzell that build this project in Fort Collins, Colorado which later added by musicians like Joshua Lozano, Scott Edwards to more names addition after the leave of Clint Kamerzell and Man’s Gin went road-shows with different line-ups remaining the originality to Erik Wunder himself. The releasing of Man’s Gin secondary album Rebellion Hymns might promising something new from the band as slower doomed attitude sounds and wiser lyrics flowing carefully through the group’s repertoir along Never Do The Neon Lights (percussions by Brian Alien), Old House (Bark at The Moonwalk) with solo guitars by John Lammachia to Off The Coast of Sicily (with Elise Wunder on vocals) or the opening accordion played by Tom Tierney for the song Inspiration. 

Not like a tragic story off the past fur hunters epic fails or success in the woods but closer to it. 

Rebellion Hymns: