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Heroin Texas (Self-Released 2008)

Noisy freaking and nasty sleazed of the blending Avant-Garde, Rock n’ Roll or Folk-Country and World Parody Music through a drunken performance led by Jiblit Dupree from Orlando, Florida within his drunken band of mad-heads musicians on the releasing for this record entitled Welcome to Seminole Heights and calling themselves as Waterdigger; consisting as well with Don Butlr on bass, theremin, guitars or Ed Lowery the drummer and backing vocals, Danny McGuire on vocals and guitars brought the experimental blissful of ignorance sounds adopted from Grunge spirits, Punk attitude and Redneck life-style in every kinds of songs recorded here like the silly Hoopdy, the Nascar’s anthem on My Last Name as introductions too, Dirty Foot with Billy Summer and Granny is Better or Soul Lady – little less or more completing the history of a bad man background and the continuity on musical adrift via the acts of stupidity, daily informal swearing, more drinking and trailer park’s criminal compilations – all added into one dirty freaking album here on Welcome to Seminole Heights; personal or by socialite. You shall feeling annoyed because of the no good damn vocals or thus weird guitar effects as nothing to thanking over this jerky dumb work ! 

Welcome to Seminole Heights: