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Hell On Wheels (Foodchain Records 2001)

   Betty Blowtorch is your US all-female Hard Rock hailed from Los Angeles as the next cranking activities from the former Butt Trumpet lead singer lady Bianca Halstead (vocals,bass), Blare N. Bitch (lead guitar), Sharon Nijland (rhythm guitar), Judy Cocuzza (drums) and Dave Dara (drums) but right after the releasing of Are You Man Enough ? album; the lead vocalist and bass-player Bianca Butthole unfortunately,died of car accident in New Orleans leaving the trio of her friends Judy Mollish, Sharon Needles and Blare N. Bitch continue the band before permanent disbanded. Exploding mixes between Punk Rock and Hard Rock for the recording album by Betty Blowtorch might reminds you for Joan Jett with Lita Ford making a total reunion for their legendary group The Runaways as well as the influenced from Rancid or other original Epitaph Records’ troops right below these smashing standard and fast forwarding tempos and lead solos on Size Queen, I Wanna be Your Sucker, I’m Ugly and I Don’t Know Why, Shut Up and Fuck to Frankie, Big Hair Big Heart and Part-Time Hooker which really damn to rocking your world at its best.    
   An anthem or a perfect self-tribute to the lead singer and the rest of her tattooed rocking friends and you will love it to head-bangs or masturbates !!! 

Are You Man Enough: