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Heartshaker (Miami 1992 Records 1983)

Designed to be equally matching as for the huge likes upon Motley Crue as well had given the opportunity and influences for these Los Angeles’ Hard Rock quartet that used to call themselves Obsession then changed it to the more related to Nikki Sixx and co. power-stance of both sensuality and raw energy mixing Heavy Metal Glamour that grooves hard. Leather Angel which consisting of drummer Krissi North, Cathy Amanti the bass player, lead guitarist Debbie Wolf and singer Terry O’Leary shortly got chances to release their recording effort through thus mini album of We Came To Kill but the rest of the story didn’t quite going well for them – as the failure for further success, attentions and departure became the problems that this rocker ladies needed to dealing with after a while. For the likes of Poison or Warrant or other LA’s sweet pain Hair-Metal legacy obsesses would liking to have the record and the blast of songs like Under Your Spell or Askin’ For It or Need Your Love to head-banging and kisses tightly. 

We Came To Kill: