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Head Rams Missile (Q.D.K Media 1990)

   Perhaps, according to the movie title itself, Peter Jackson (famously known for his best epic works on Lords of The Ring trilogy) needing time to evaluates himself in the beginning of his career and directing this ugly film about alien invaders with low-budget and terrible castings only for the fanatic extra-terrestrial story loving criminals whose particularly, matched the movie title itself – Bad Taste. 
   Bunch of survivors or conspiracy theorists arming guys trying to stop the invasion of alien creatures that disguising as human beings from taking over the small remote place of Kaihoro village in New Zealand. The Astro Investigation and Defense Service or AIDS armed men: Derek, Frank, Ozzy and Barry with Robert are on the mission to eliminate community of alien beings which capturing people and turning them into some kind of experiments and eat them as food source as our unsung heroes penetrates deeper into the alien’s compound nest for rescuing their friends and terminates thus swollen like tumor faced creatures from taking over the globe as espionage, hand in hand combat to the shoot-out and explosions later coloring this movie with some of the great soundtrack music from the original tunes for Bad Taste composed by Michelle Scullion shall mixing your emotions while watching this b-rated film in hilarious laughter and some surprises along the story-board. 
   Derek’s Brain Hurts showing a cool effects about how you got your brain melts caused by the alien attack or Giles in The Cooking which terribly accompanied one of the squad’s fellow waiting to be turned into human soup by the creatures as dinner and more delivering of dark humor and violence through The Boys Attack, Derek’s Resurrection or Lord Crumb Sucks Spinning Wheel as the ending would be absolutely guessable but still Michelle Scullion and Peter Jackson already marking their works for fun that you would agree with. 

Bad Taste Soundtrack: