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Hayat Al Khezea (Shaytan Productions 2015)


   From the darker part of Saudi Arabian Kingdom rises the mystical and amazing traditional heritage based of the ancient culture mixed with Atmospheric Progressive Black Metal Folk group whose calling themselves Al-Namrood as the real descendants of King Nimrod as you can see that not all the Arabs people really living in bath-pool of money or filthy wealth-riches comfortable life without problems but as for this band; troubles come riding with them farther the horizon to bring darkness upon the jazeera as pitch.
   Lyrics or swears in local language elaborating the scientific genius and madness chaotic thoughts colliding the essential East meets West collision or clashes. Diaji Al-Joor – the album that means Darkness of Injustice; shows us an example of the forcing blends of arabs trad-musical instruments and live raw band performance with growler vocals as performed by sinful names like Mephisto (guitars, bass, percussion), Humbaba (lead vocals) or Ostron (keyboards, percussion) as the magical of Arabian springs erupts like revolution within fire burning through-out the nationwide territory out of Khobar. 
   Classic pure heavy Black Metal as Folk typhoon blisters explode through the filthy tracks of swearing angst on Zamjara Alat (Tools of Zamjara), Alqab Ala Hajar (Hajar’s Alkaline), Ya Le Taasatekum, Ejhaph or Hawas Wa Thuar or the opening instrumental of Dhaleen must be a knowledge of the past to be taught back to us when the tyrant kings and rulers of pagan Arabs conquering the lands and spreading fear among their followers for decades before the false messages comes from one god. 

Diaji Al Joor: