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Gravata Yemanja (Bandcamp 2008)

   Sander Rood music isn’t just like his own album title – Heartcore which might easily telling people to judge this record as a Metalcore or Emo-Rock releasing but the reality spoken louder than fiction and the proof for you that this musician and his parade of additional players and friends like Henk Minnen (accordion, piano, vocals), Karel Daran Scharten (drums, percussion), Teake Ettema (bass guitar), Merel Schoutendorp (tuba), Ton Mulders (solo guitars) or Roosmarijn Busch (sax) to Frank Rutgers (cello) perhaps, equally – led the ensemble of World Music mixed with Reggae, Jazz-Pop, Classic Waltz and Folkish Clarinet-tones form Alkmaar, The Netherlands through the main performance still would spotted onto Sander Rood on guitars, vocals and percussions. 
Seven choices of great Traditional tunes and modern Alternative off the usual music these days to offer within Amalia, Arco-Ires to Momentum and Maracana. 
The slightly neat plays on six strings acoustically or the daily Pop vocals really relaxing to hear – as the afternoon sunny turning to a rainy day slowly wetting the rest of the land like blessings from heaven.