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Goodwinu Slyshish (Bandcamp 2014)

Formally, the band took their name from the most common words any Russian and other guests thanking their colleges and friends or even stranger for helping them – thank you is the correct meaning to describes the word Spasibo and that also baptized as the band’s name that using their specialist on blending Indie-Pop, Krautrock, Garage, Shoegaze and Surf-Punk Rock for their simple but not cheesy type of modern music recording. As the results to you music lovers – Sapsibo has given this good album called Somneniyah with the lead singer Rasel Rahman got his vocalizations sounding excellent even when he’s doing them in Russian; as well as the new leading colors for Russian new Alternative Rock base for this releasing one. Good, melodious, variety and not too commercial for the materials – Spasibo might caught your attentions by playing tracks of oddity beats like Polniy Proval, Renaissance, Kogda vse Spyat to Pesnya Atlanta that would giving the audiences a bit glimpse of musical structure of these Russians Indie rockers to developed more mature on the next ones …