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Golden Heart Right (Chrysalis 1986)

The well-known to Billboards and MTV generations on the late eighty-six era with their singles crossing the charts of Pop Music pretty much alive as these trio of Holly Knight (vocals, bass, keyboards), Paul Engemann (lead vocals) and Gene Black (guitars) formed as Device the Pop-Rock band from USA with their shorter-lived career as little might known that Ms. Holly Knight also writing songs for other artists such as Pat Benatar, Tina Turner or Cheap Trick within the peak season for New Wave and Dance-Rock music owning the crown over the ultimate Pop culture all over the world especially, in US and Europe. 

The mainstreamed selling out beats of Dance mixed with Power Pop and ballads really caught everyone’s attentions and Device album 22B3 which sounded like a code of a droid or such also related to the infamous freaky dancing motives for the listeners who loved them to play and the tracks such as Hanging on a Heart Attack, Pieces on The Ground, Tough and tender or their hit single Who Says – reaching at number 79 on the chart but gained the exclusive hit remix from Music Television after a while of the released. 

Need no more explanations – this one is good !