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Gloom Lurker (Chugcore 2017)

   Had to bring the Deathcore surfacing and disturbs the opinion of falsity going on to our mad mad world today; this is the US troops of heaviest metallic sounds that can crushing you flat and lifeless – though The Decline released album, Extortionist let the globe hearing them screaming louder about everything which went terribly wrong nowadays on 1208, Malediction, Animosity, Neglect, Imbalance, Guilt or Wither Away as the personnel – Jared “Jay Sweeps” Dorsla (guitars), Bob Gibbs (drums), Riker Morrow (bass), Benjamin Hoagland (vocals) and Kip Treeman (guitars) proving that Extortionist are smarter than just another scream Hardcore Metal bands exist for the day. 
The extreme recording mixed/mastered by Calvin Russell and an interesting album artworks showing us the destruction and the rebellion calls at arms !

The Decline: