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Giorgio Morricone Jey Ferson (Africantape 2013)

Noise trio product off Montpellier, France that sounded very disturbing with a trio rock musicians as its members of Marvin: Emilie Rougier, Frederic Conte and Gregoire Bredel recording the third album named Barry, filling their ways to exploring, experimenting and exporting thus track-listed of monumental themed epic return adventure’s frenzy within the cynic scale for non-vocals instrumentals Progression Rock to the distortions of ability blaring through a Math Pop-Sabbath mix and more Zeppelin, Devo or Brian Eno influences for it. Listening to the majestic pronouncing of eloquent atmosphere or smashing tempos via energetic noisy solos, smart transitions chords and less commercial compositions for Automan or The Dark Sheep or We Won’t Get Fooled Again Anymore to Tempo Fighting which sounded hysterical – almost chaotic but excessively good to apply for your rocking demanding non-vocals album. 

Enjoy !