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Free Speech The Dumb (Clay Records 1982)


   A side from being one of those most important revolutionary bands of all time from the Hardcore Punk scene community; Staffordshire-UK’s group Discharge would definitely not friendly and chaotic for you to hear them perform.
Not mentioning the characters that brought within themselves which mostly in total fast and metallic-tinged type of sounds regarding those whom believed that Rock music should turning just like these British Hardcore/Metal cross-over music and truly, the headbangers and fist-fighters will finding them addictive.   
   Listening to all the D-Beats or KangPunk (Booty Punk) distortions and heavy faster aggression through Discharge’s best third recording Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and feel the fury themes towards the fucked-up new world we have been living in since within The Final Bloodbath, Protest and Survive, I Won’t Subscribe, Drunk with Power, The Possibility of Life’s Destruction or A Hell on Earth and asked yourself – are these correctly true or you just shut your eyes away from these whole shit news ? 

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: