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Fragrance Chaos (Galy Records 2009)


   Closer to the major league-ing Thrashy Metal like the early stage force of Sepultura or Sadus and following Kreator’s revolutionary hybrid for calculating more additions of brutal sounds onto their music is this St. Boniface, Quebec’s Thrash Metal quartet of Horfixion that after being in hiatus since 2004 then resurfacing again with their reflective raw and speeding power-rage of their totality of music best via The Art of Agony which still carrying the distinctive satanic and evil-themed lyrics as well as the more destructive blasphemous entrapment like hot lava exploding onto the audiences face after the try-out speaker testing as the record play like hell-louder and devastates.
You may finding how the band which consisting of Richard Gelinas (bass, vocals), Patrice Hamelin (drums), Samuel Landry (vocals, guitar) and Kevin St-Yves (guitars) cranking and conquers within their maximum efforts for destroying your fake faith but Extreme Metal in general and the world will never look the same again because it burns to the ground already. 
   Fix your Extreme Metal perspective with Black Door 666, The Dark Judgement of Men, Serenity Through Karnage and Claustrophobic Soul Syndrome which reminding some of us about the old Tom Araya meets The Cavalera Brothers for thrashing the stage at Donington Monster of Rock decades ago. 

Devil or Satan really reign supreme because of this album !

The Art of Agony: