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FM Rocks 98.5 (City Of Lights Records 2015)


   Be very blown away while you got an interest for tasting the Gothenburg, Sweden's Hard Rock/Melodic AOR and Pop Metal that really could reminding you back to nostalgia through decades ago where Europe and Def Leppard roaming the blue continent and the rest of the world - crossing the oceans and conquering cities on both sides of the Atlantic to Pacific but the legendary era just dried out or slowly die on the incoming of newer Alternative Rock invasions. Don't get this wrong but actually, the later AOR and Hair Metal or Glam Metal music never died like the media predicted too fucking soon cause the proof is here once again with the emerging of these Swedish rockers consisting of the led singer and guitarist Alex Werner, the leader Oz Osukaru on guitars, Fredrik Svensson or Emma Lee Gennari on the four strings bass, keyboardist Adrian Lopez to Eugenia (vocals) with Cecilia Camuii (vocals) to drummers like Axel Ryber or Ryan Coyle with their saxophonist - Jens Bjork whose making the band's music completely solid just like the past reunion of some high-lighted superstars of Pop Metal or the excessive force popularity and glamour rocking beats like the collaborations between Hanoi Rocks, Petrucci Sisters and Symphonic Heavy Metal traditional towards this Osukaru's fifth release - Transition so far cranking your stereo system with the heaviest Pop rock and softer metallic riffs and awesome chords as the great vocals emerges towards the opening Arrows, Strangled Emotions, Edge of a Broken Heart to Blinded Eyes and who might knows how far this band can reaching for the surface and globally success. You will definitely loving this album for playing it over and over ...