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Fino Alla Arsenico (Columbia 2000)

   You like Euro-Pop and Euro-Dance (and) Italian girls ?
Well, for that questions there’s an answer and it is might one be Paola & Chiara or The Lezzi Sisters as thus Italian Pop duo with beauty and catchy music as well as the beat moods best for slow dancing or intimate cuddles under the sign of hot Summer days with plenty acoustic and Latin sounds of guitars or atmosphere vaporizing on each other through the group third album release – Television. 
   A very good and odd and sensually magic for them whose in loving tight within the sub-genre of easy-listening and popular blending not only Techno-Pop but also romantic and ballad lyrics eventually would giving the attachments even more glued then before as your ears get mesmerizing by the soft, harmonic or tempting sounds through tracks recorded here like Amoremidai which clinging on the part romancing and melodies knitting for making it best to listening or the opener song of beat-box mixed of sexuality themed and relationships within Vamos A Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva) trying to change your bad old life into a new one better as well as dancing crazy hot like a couple (even) when you’re not. 

Futher more touches as Euro-Pop and Pop-Electro fulfilling your weekend dreams.