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Fellows Far Fowls (Hyde Out Recordings 2003)

Influenced by not only Hip-Hop and Rap Music but actually, also Jazzy with strong cool samples from Shibuya, Tokyo – this Japanese born producer, composer, producer and musician known as Jun Seba or internationally, known to the global world as Noo Jah Bess or Nujabes whom also doing his own things with many projects or another well-deserved legends artists since then. 
An essential colors of paradise bird and the panorama of the mountains meet the beach-walks as rocks and salt water touching each other on their G-Spots and this fifth recording release of Spiritual State really could be telling us the story from around the world – religiously or not within every possible of the lyrics or tones interacts inside the tracks’ breathing lines of musical form through songs of instrumentals there like Dawn On The Side, Color of Autumn, Gone Are The Days, Sky is Tumbling or Rainyway Back Home brought back to you the inner spiritual messages circling the modern living demands where no more you needing to approved the surroundings that you already finding your peace and stop searching. 

Spiritual State: