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Feline Comfiture (Bandcamp 2004)

   Thirteen minutes of groovy Electro-Rock and Dancing Wave music blasting over the song Roller Coaster full of weirdness and silly noises but also can make your body moves left to right as well as the strange beat-ology through Azimuth Trajectory as the opener tracks in six minutes more duration which acclaim the subjective prohibited marks for the odd-musical ensemble of samples or synths parade on Friends of Other Species recorded as an album release from Eugene, OR’s LaunchPad. 
   Trio whom experimenting the Glam sections of Science and Fiction with spy improvisations performed by Orbital Disco Dave, Lelulaserlight and Mr. Random probably would making your eye-brows raising up with questions. 
Don’t fear this LaunchPad’s speciality on keeping their music format sounded like they’re out of this world but let the neat bass-line and techno beats make your mind cumming and liberates the common effects for not being just humanoid-made musical. 

Friends of Other Species: