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Faute Colorful (UMB 2010)

An aliases for Isabelle Worner’s personal collective of musical project under the moniker name of Genevieve Pasquier whom sounding sexually elegance and creepy on the same mutual times; a mixture on Post-Industrial electro as well as 80’s minimizing of hypnotic ambient noises with Pop-modern extraction in seven tracks releasing e.p recording with a title Handle with Care.

One would finding thus passionate non-commercial musical themes that might going to reminds you of the blending affections off Chrissie Hynde, P. Harvey angst with adoration for New Wave formats for the good listening moment on tracks like Past, Electric Foreplay, Dead Man to Emmene Moi; not to mention for those bonuses photographic displaying the semi-nudity singer taken as artworks in the flesh. Yummy and creepy on the same time beings.

Handle with Care: