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Fattiga Riddare (Emancypunk Records 2010)

   Piece of Punk Rock sisters within their beauties and the Riot Grrls roots legacy raising up again from the North of Europe for the Hardcore-Punk mission regular to shoot down the freaking smiles out your face and give a good hard-kick in between your guts down there by combining the anger thoughts and smarter ideas from the likes of old Rancid, Beyond Pink had the full power protests to the commercial world or just feeling like trashy female being used by the male dominated planet as yet again, Punk-Rock force driven as the way out for these girls to escaping not for running away but to fights back now and another day using this Feminists Queery of Beyond Pink's fast-kicks towards their releasing of The New Black as the flavors for the crews: Casja, Clara, Ida, Patricia or Tijana screaming bursts out of their lungs with balls over 150 Spann for Ingenting,  I-iandproblem, In Our Hearts We’re Puking, Rhythm is a Hamster or 30 Zingo to Svenerasse in Disguise;  shall giving you that special sound-effects for deafening ears and wet crotch on almost the same time … 

The New Black: