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Exposure Inch (Bandcamp 2014)

Zac Terrones (vocals),  Steve Hoffman (guitars), Daniel Perdomo (bass) to Randy Lopez (drums) together shaking their city of San Francisco, CA with the brutal Death Metal sounds Viral coming down like an earthquake ready to destroying the path and the land-mass out of the one legendary big cities on the West Coast. 

As the impressive influence of Morrisound excessive format which claiming the non-calmer disturbance brought out to air by the band’s devastating products like being shown here on The Lytic Cycle album; as the insect-like creatures begin to invading our mouth and our modern world like a unspeakable indications on the return of these body-snatchers; you will find the terrorizing themes through-out Resorting The Cannibalism and N.I (Networked Intelligence) sharing how the planet are already taken by the next smart species mutated develops. 

The Lytic Cycle: