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Eucaine Klara (Inner-X-Musick 1988)


   Displays of the nudist Hitler’s female soldiers or concubines on the artworks on the project Ov Pure Blood with the head-mastering in commands John Zewizz with his sexy hot compatriots named by Olga Exude and Ilsa Kaunt  under the mysterious Industrial Rock project calls Women of The SS as these Schutzstaffel squadron used to be owned by the Nazi party special armed rune force using their Electronic, synthesizers, Noise-sounds and experimental tension figures outage the inspirational devices dropped deader as the sinful breasts and tits showing the audiences that the band really encouraging their blasphemous serpentine-likes infiltrations as the spawning labels caught the actions in a very softer sarcastic terms deprived quest curves edgy music you don’t need to specifically continues like the evil threats from before the cold war and the fall of the Third Reich resurrection times …
   Mysteriously sensual and darker themed concentration camp's music on Eva Braun Waz Here, An Aryan Race or She Said She Said would be your good examples off this mini album durations longer to exists – just like how you didn’t sure that Nazi legacy really really dead.