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Escapism Shudder (Ant-Zen/Audiotrauma 2016)

Deep passion over percussion and rhythms sharing through out the lesser important product of collaboration project from Industrial/Electronic musicians and composers Phil von (Von Magnet) and Somekilos (2kilos & More) bounding their experiments of noises and samples as synthesizer usage for a lot of more down-tempo beats with drumming sounds as those works established in form of the releasing record under the self-titled for Meta Meat on Metameat. 
A quite magnificent Electronic ensemble in combining the higher aspects for recaptured our animalistic to conscience being made by humanoid spirits. 
Either zepeteados, duduk, zuma or other percussions instruments being used or abuses within the making of this envisioned and elegance barbaric sonic sounds of machines via Backbitch, Sword, Melt, Deepen and Tamed which simply shares for your unpleasant music minutes and wandering imaginations in confusions.