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Erotic Inanna (Grotesque Productions 2007)

   Being formed since the early nineties in Tarragona, Catalonia and reaching the stagnant but surviving the ever-changing formations or the rock revolutions on the commercial surface modern music by staying underground; the six-piece metal-heads of Asier (drums), J.M (guitars), Roman (lead vocals), Josue and David Moreno (guitars) and Alberto Magana (bass) releasing their record – Realms of Desolation by Between The Frost must be one hell of a raw products over the Southern European Extreme Metal scene with their artworks of total annihilation and blasphemous devastations over mankind and not even Christ himself can saving them or the world from blood-bath apocalypse and torturing which over these ten track-listings; glorifying the shadowy goat of mendes demanding sacrifice through Burning Kingdom of Fire, Dominions of Impaled Beheaded Corpses to Stronger than Sorrow, The Fearsome One or A Furious Storm of Intoxicating Evil might turning out to be a very good deadly blasts – sending you bigots and religious dumb-heads "bastardos" shall be cast into the depth of darkness eternal. 

Realms of Desolation: