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Epicurus Midas (Heavy Psych Sounds 2017)

   Non-overrated with less modern affections but retro grabbing riffs and sounds like being thrown back into the seventies Heavy Rock era with bashing grooves and mystic lyrics themed made possible by the hardworking efforts from these Italian trio of Stoner Rock and Doom-Rock calling Doctor Cyclops whose can be traced within their favorite likes inspired by the glorious chords and riffs borrowed from the elderly son of Black Sabbath to Witchfinder General, Spiritual Beggars or Captain Beyond respectively within this powerful Local Dogs album. 
As the newer heroes for Stoner Metal scene today as Alessandro Dallera (drums), Francesco Filippini (bass guitar) and Christian Draghi (guitars, vocals) cranking their button’s up track-listing through Stardust, Wall of Misery, Stanley The Owl and Druid Samhain or Witch’s Tale sounding epic like story-telling folklore focus being told by the minstrel player to the small masses somewhere at the edge of the forbidden woods.

Local Dogs: