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Ek Shaneesh (Greedhead Entertainment 2010)


   Mixing the bombastic New York Hip-Hop or Gangsta Rap music with funny and jokes lyrics silly but sarcastic and as your teenage kids dancing over their songs that echoing the hallway or messing up the walls of your living room – you realized that the trio of Indian descents naming Das Racist from Brooklyn is the shiznit acts even the MTV shows called them into the list of 25 Best New Bands of The Year.
Selected as the sounds reforming rhymes as the fixing of positions didn’t getting wider but attached like the new bridging relations between the upper class and the lower class with the same favorable music and good sharing themes over your daily lives intentions not as internship but equal partners using the groups consisting of the trio: Heems, Kool A.D and Ashok “Dapwell” Kondabolu releasing the recording album as debut that appreciates by many as very damn good effort on Shut Up, Dude.   The cooler Alternative Rap and variable Black music combines with traditional mixes of samples and noise given us the effective messaging service to listen and moving bodies – free from the boredom and numbness; as the fresh new music like no-other telling you to be creative and fighting the stupidity via Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell, Fake Patois, Nutmeg, Shorty Said (Gordon Viodwell Remix) and I Don’t Owe Nobody Shit a declaration for self-independence. 

Shut Up, Dude: