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Duskfall (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation 2009)

The second releasing from these Cagliari, Sardinia’s Funeral Doom/Black Metal unit named Arcana Coelestia must be their high achievements to mark on by the Metal Music media in order to preserving not only the renaissance influences captured inside the album’s artworks or themes but also for the sake of independent militant extreme hard music in general around Southern Europe scene. 
Bigger for their main subjects of lyrics converting the essential occult, alchemy and visions performing by those two acronym naming members: LS (piano, vocals) and MZ (guitar, effects) with several additional musicians there from Francesca the female voice to Thorn the drummer and bassist Sephrenel – on the releasing for the group’s finest recording of Le Mirage De L’Ideal which covered the atmosphere with noisy sounds of Extreme Black Metal with melodious and harmony layers within. 
Requiem (For The Fathomless Void for Redemption) to Tragedy & Delirium in two parts as well as …Thus Fade in Nocturnal Deluge shall be enough in progress to devastating your faith on the reality world which only dragging you down by enslavement to the firing hell below or perhaps, that’s true – just like this music ! 

Le Mirage de l'Ideal: