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Drunken Milkmen (In-Effect 1990)

   Great Cross-Over Metal Heavy-tinged with excellent techniques but didn’t quite catching much attentions when they’re still freshly, coming out to share the boom beats off the music box made by the profiled rock heads: Tommy Christ (vocals), Glenn Cummings (guitars), Guy Brogna (bass), Mike Boyko (drums) and Paul Neider (guitars) for forming this nutty processors of the jamming Funk-Metal, Rap-Core and Latino-Spikes sounds on Scatterbrain’s Here Comes Trouble records that jazzing your interest to have a brilliant Heavy Metal slamming with Black Music and more surprises following other greater names like RHCP or Faith No More respectively but so sorry for Scatterbrain; the methods didn’t work for too damn long for their career. At least, the debut album or the next one showing the globe that something new would emerge like a blast from inner suspicious minds of talented musicians wanting something fresher later and for that ideas – funked out tracks like That’s That, Down with The Ship (Slight Return), Mr. Johnson and The Juice Crew or Goodbye Freedom Hello Mom can be a trusty example that really should forcing you to acting nuts and head-banging hard by thrashing your fucking room to shreds. 

Smile sarcastic skateboarding and don’t get knock too much while listening to this !

Here Comes Trouble: